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Welcome to the latest Indian cricket news. We all know that India has already sealed the 1st ODI match against NewZealand. India played really well and outclassed newziland in their home ground. Especially the Mohammad Shami bowled really well. Because you are in this crickfocus website for latest cricket news I have written the news.  Anyways India cricket team started to show their class from the Australia tour this year. And hope they will stay tuned in their high performance till world cup cricket 2019 at least.


So the news from the desk

on the latest Indian cricket news. Virat Kohli the Indian cricket team captain will not play the last 2one day international against NewZealand and the t20 matches against NewZealand. Virat is going for a vacation or will take rest because he is playing for a long time and did not take enough rest for it. Rohit Sharma will play the captain role for the remaining matches against NewZealand. The board of cricket India decided this news and told in the meeting. Usually, no replacement for Kohli has been announced. The same team will play the rest of the series.


Research shows that in Indian cricket history this will be the first time India is playing outside Asia excluding Zimbabwe without the world-class player Virat Kohli. Kohli has never missed a single series out there. Even the reason Indian cricket board was trying to their test their senior players and want their fitness towards upper level. This is the reason all the senior players were in the key role in the tournaments. They put pressure in the last year so that Indian cricket might play without stress in the upcoming cricket world cup 2019.

Last year Virat Kohli to rest while India was playing the ideas trophy in Sri Lanka and the Asia cup.

India cricket team will play a great home series against Australia in India. Virat Kohli will play that series and until that series, he will be rested. Indian cricket board and senior players committee have decided to give him sufficient rest so that he can play delightfully for India.


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