Top 10 All-Time Greatest Batsman Ever

Top 10 All-Time Greatest Batsmen Ever

Cricket is not only a game or sport. For lots of people, cricket is their life. They can not even breath without cricket. If you ask them what you eat they will answer cricket. If you ask them what you see they will answer cricket. So watching cricket and playing cricket is a passion. We know that in cricket planet there are some greatest batsmen are alive and some of them are not with us. In this generation, we love to watch Virat Kohli batting but our fathers and grandfathers were totally attracted by some other batsmen. According to the records and the passion, some websites have listed the top 10 batsmen of all time. Maybe you will not happy after watching the list but I have tried a little bit to let people know about it. So if you have any idea or any comments you can write to me. Here are the top 10 batsmen of all time according to the research

10. Inzamam UlHaq (Pakistan).

Inzamam Ul Haq

Test Played- 120    Total Runs -8820          Highest Score –  329

Average – 49.33 According to the stats Inzamam ul Haq was one of the greatest test players of all time. All the time he contributed the best for his team and players such unplayable knocks. Basically, Inzamam started playing tests in 1992 and was debuted against England on June 03 in 1992.  His last test match was against SouthAfrica in 2007 Gaddafi stadium in 2007. We all know that 2007 was the year when he ends up his career after the world cup. Inzamam was the hard hitter as he hits all the bowlers against him. Whether it is pace bowling or spin Inzamam was there to make some 6’s and 4’s when needed. He has played 1992 world cup,1996 world cup, 1999 world cup, 2003 and 2007. Usually, in test matches,Inzamam ul Haq has 25 centuries and 46 half centuries. These records made me list him in top 10 test batsman of all time.

9. Sunil Gavaskar (India) 

Sunil Gavaskar

Test Played- 125    Total Runs-10122     Highest Score- 236

Average-51.12 Sunil Gavaskar is the name India can easily proud. Before searching started to destroy the bowlers Gavaskar was the top sensation of India. India was uplifted by the Gavaskar batting and he was known as one of the best test batsmen. Most of the time he has changed the game movement from against. Even after the retirement, Gavaskar was the heart and mind of people in India. Sunil Gavaskar was the first player to score 10000 runs in test cricket. Gavasker best opponent was west indies. Against the West Indies, he has scored 2749 runs in an average of 65. You know how tough it was for batsmen to play against westindies in 70s-80s. even Sunil Gavaskar mentioned west indies as the toughesttest playing nation

8. Sir Vivian Richards (West Indies) 

Viv Richards

Test Played- 121    Total Runs-8540  Highest Score- 291  Average-50.23

There is no introduction need for Sir Viv Richards. All the time he drove the ball out of the park. He was the batsman played flawlessly and attacked all the bowlers he faced during his career. Viv Richards was the threat towards all the pace and spin bowlers. As Viv Richards played when father and grandfather were the audiences but I have seen batting in youtube. What a player and what an attacking batsman. Whether it is Australia or India Viv Richards played such great knocks. Even in a test match sir via Richards played like a  rocket. He has scored 56 ball century England. You can watch his full innings here.

Viv Richards is from west indies and hops till death he will be known as the most fearest batsman of all time

7. Younis Khan (Pakistan)

Younis Khan

Test Played –118    Total Runs- 10099   Highest Score- 313   Average- 52.06

Younis Khan is one of the famous captains of Pakistan cricket. Younis Khan also won t20 world cup for Pakistan and now standing for one of the best test batsmen of all time. Younis Khan played such incredible knock against the giant teams. During his career, he has scored 34 centuries with 6 double hundreds. What a batsman he is. Even he has scored half-centuries 33 times. Younis khan debut match was 2000 against Srilanka and last test match was against the west indies in2017. You can watch Younis khan double hundred against the Englands best bowlers here. Younis Khan Double Hundred vs England.

6. JacquesKallis (South Africa)

Jacques Kallis

Test Played –166    Total Runs- 13289   Highest Score- 224   Average- 55.37

I have seen jack Kallis batting. He was one of the most dependable batsmen in the world. Whether the situation is jack Kallis will play his role perfectly. One of thebest test all-rounder of all time. He stuns bowlers by hitting outside thestadium. Jack Kallis has made 45 centuries in test matches, on the other hand, he has scored half-centuries almost 58 times. Even in test jack, Kallis played double hundred runs in a single match. His overall record listed him as one ofthe best test batsmen of all time. Jack Kallis first match was against Englandin 1995 and he played his last test against India in 2013. Please watch one ofhis finest centuries against India

5. Brian Lara (West Indies)

Brian Lara

Test Played – 131   Total Runs- 11953  Highest Score- 400  Average- 52.89

Cricket is proud of Brian Lara. Brian Lara is known as the best record breaker and best record builder. His 400 runs in one innings are still unbreakable by anybatsmen in a test. He has made huge records for his own self and teams. BrianLara was one of the famous captains too. During his test career, he has scored century 34 times and made half century 48 times. Even Brian Lara has scored double hundred almost 9 times which is the record for any batsman. Usually, Brian Lara started his test career against Pakistan in 1990 and his last match was against Pakistan in 2006. A short highlight of Brian Lara 400 runs 

4. Sir Walter Hammond (England) 

Sir Walter Hammond


Test Played – 85 Total Runs- 7249  Highest Score- 336 Average- 58.45

Sir Walter Hammonds was one of the best and greatest batsmen in cricket history. Duringhis short cricket career, he has gained something really special. He was one of the attacking batsmen in test cricket at his time. Hammond was one of the top batsmen and he played in Bradman era. Hammond broke the world record of Bradman by scoring 336 runs. He has made 22 centuries with 24 half centuries. Even he has played 7 double century knocks. To watch his batting please visit here.

3. Sir Jack Hobbs (England)

Test Played –61 Total Runs – 5410  Highest Score- 211  Average- 56.94

Sir Jack Hobbs is known as the original master of cricket. Cricket is nothing without the Jack Hobbs. Jack Hobbs is one of the best batsman cricket histories. He has played such great knocks against the top bowlers at his time. He has made 15 centuries and 28 half centuries. Even sir jack Hobbs has made a double century in his career. To watch his batting visit here.

2. Sachin Tendulkar (India) 

Sachin Tendulkar

Tests- 188,  Total Runs – 15470,   Average- 55.44,   Highest Score- 248*

the Highest score is the greatest batsman after sir don Bradman. You cannot say cricket is fulfilled without Sachin. Sachin has risen India cricket himself with his great batting. When all the batsman were in hurry to give their wicket Sachin played such remarkable knocks against the best cricket countries. Whether the bowler is from Australia or Pakistan Sachin was there to make his century apart.  Sachin has made 51 test centuries and 68 half centuries. Sachin Tendulkar debut match was against Pakistan in 1989 and final test match was at 2013 vs west indies. Have a look at his batting here


1. Sir Don Bradman

Don Bradman

Tests- 52,  Total Runs- 6996,   Average- 99.94,    Highest Score- 334

Have you ever watched cricket or played? if yes then you have surely heard that sir don Bradman is the greatest batsman of all. He has made such incredible knocks and his records made him one of the best player in the world. One of the bestthings about him is his average score which is 99.94. sir don Bradman has made29 centuries in test cricket with 336 highest score in a single inning.


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