Shane Warne and His Romantic Cricket Career

shane warne

A Little Start

Shane Warne was the best leg spinner in the world produced by Austrian cricket team. shane Warne was the best spin bowler of his time even for him leg spin was an art. People who don’t know about cricket even knows about Shane Warne and his delightful cricket career. Warne was the man who has huge records against the batsman and delivered such great bowling.

1999 World Cup

Early Awards of Shane Warne

Shane Warne played with great respect and was named one of the best leg spinner or spin bowler of all time. During his time warned had no rival to beat. He was the king of the spin arena. Wisden cricket almanac arranged Wisden cricketer of the year award. In 1994 Shane Warne became the Wisden cricketer of the year and got the award. Even in 1997, Shane Warne got another award. He took the national award for being Wisden leading cricketer in the world in 1997. You can simply think of how he succeeds in his career. Can u imagine he was selected by the cricket panel as one of the five Wisden cricketers of the century? It was held in 2000. Even again in 2004 and 2005, Shane Warne was awarded for being best cricketer in the world by Wisden cricketers almanac.

A glimpse of some records

Shane Warne started his cricket journey in 1992 and took 1000 wickets in his career. Shane Warne has 708 wickets in his pocket which are taken over by one of the best off spin bowler Muttiah Muralidharan. Warne was the leading wicket-taker who took 708 wickets in test cricket but in December 3, 2007 murali broken the record of warne. Warne was also a lower order batsman and holding the record of 3000 runs in his career. Though he does not have any century warned was delighted to watch. Shane Warne would have been the number 1 bowler of all time but some ups and down occurred in his career.

Shane Warne last played for Australia in 2007. After the huge success in ashes, 2007 Warne decided to go back home from cricket. After his retirement, his fellow friends retired also from the cricket named Glenn McGrath, Damien Martin, Justin langer.

A little personal Information

Shane Warne was the legendary spin bowler of cricket world. His full name was Shane Keith warne. Shane Warne was born on 13 September 1969 at Victoria, Australia. People love to call home Warney. The height of Shane Warne was 6 feet which are approx 1.833 cm. he used to bowl leg break and bats in the lower order.

Shane Warne used to have three children named Brooklin, summer, and Jackson. All these three children were from the Varney’s first wife Simmon Callahan.

The domestic career of Shane Warne

From 1990 to 2007 Shane Warne played the domestic cricket with great success and respect. During this 17 years, Shane Warne played for his home team Victoria. During his matches, he used to have 23 number jersey.

Shane Warne has played 301 test matches in domestic cricket. You will be happy to know that he has taken 1319 wickets.

Shane Warne has also played in county cricket. He used played in Hampshire from 2000-2007. During this 7 years of journey in county cricket, Warney never changed the jersey number. Even his jersey number remains as 23.

Shane Warne also played in Indian premier league which is called Cpl. Shane Warne was the proud player of Rajasthan royal from 2008-2011. With the jersey number 23 warned have also played big bash for Melbourne stars which took place from 2011-2013

International Career


Batting career of Shane Warne

Shane Warne has played as a lower order batsman. During his career, he has played such dependable knock. Without any century he has scored more than 3000 runs. In war has played 145 test matches and scored more than 3000 runs in his career. His highest score is 99 runs. With the average of 17 runs, Warne has got 12 half centuries.

Shane Warne has played 194 one day international matches and scored 1017 runs in 107 innings. In ODI matches warned have 1 half century.

shane warne
Shane warne

Bowling career of Warne

From 145 test matches and 273 innings, Shane Warne took 708 wickets in his career. His 708 wickets are the 2nd highest wicket taker of any bowler. Shane Warne’s best bowling figure was 8/71 and Warne took 5 wickets to haul almost 37 times in test matches.

If you look at one-day international Shane warned played 194 matches. Warne has grabbed 293 wickets in ODI with the average of 25.74. during his ODI career, Warne managed to take 5 wicket haul once. He has also played 55 ipl matches and took 54 wickets.

Start and End of Shane Warne

Shane Warne played his 1st test match against Indian cricket team. that debut match took place at Sydney cricket ground, Australia On January 02 1992. Even Shane Warne played his last test match at Sydney against England in 2007.

If you look at his one-day international career Warne debut match was against NewZealand at basin reserve, March 24, 1993. Shane Warne played his last match against the Asia xi at Melbourne in 2005.

Final words for him

If you look at his career you will know that how he managed to get huge wickets of dangerous batsmen. Each and every batsman thought few times during Warne bowling. Whether it is tested or one-day international she Warne was up to the mark. No one has the ability nowadays to beat Shane Warne googly, his flippers, his topspin, his slow balls. Even his dangerous snake ball is the best of all.


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