Only 10 Teams are Participating in World Cup Cricket 2019


Usually, the cricket world cup takes place every 4 years. Last cricket world cup was played in 2015 at Australia and newziland. The next cricket world cup is knocking at the door these days. Even the year of world cup has started almost. Next 2019 world cup will take place in England and Wales for sure. England is becoming proud to arrange the biggest cricket tournament on earth like the world cup. I have seen England arranging cricket world cup in 1999 and that year was my first cricket supporting year. I used to start watching cricket from 1999. Anyway, 2019 cricket world cup will be one of the tough tournaments for the participants because only 10 teams will fight with each other.

In previous times usually, 16-20 teams used to play in world cups. Sometimes it was the super league, sometimes it was super six and some time world cup 2nd round starts with quarterfinal system. This year usually top 10 cricket teams are going to take part in tournaments. Australia, England, newziland, south africa, Srilanka, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, west indies and Afghanistan is the teams who are taking their guards on the pitch of world cup 2019.

This world cup 2019 will start from 30 may and will end on 14 July. First, part will be arranged as round-robin league system and the semi-final will be knock out. Total 48 matches will be played from the 10 teams. Usually this 2019 we will be the 1st world cup which does not include the associate’s countries. This is the reason lots of people criticized ICC. Usually, the qualification system was usually a tough one.

The top 8 teams were directly qualified in the world cup and the rest 2 teams were selected from the world cup qualification tournaments.  In the final of world cup qualifier Afghanistan used to win against west indies and qualified for the cwc2019. Zimbabwe is the team who are not qualified for the cwc19. Even Zimbabwe took part in all the cricket world cups since 1983. This year Zimbabwe will be on audiences stand Australia is the leading cricket team playing their 12th world cup in 2019. Australia has already become world champions almost 5 times. They have become champion in 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2015 world cups. So this year they will start the tournament as favourites

Pakistan is also a strong contender of world cup 2019. In 1992 world cup Pakistan was the champion and they became champion by defeating England in final 1992. After 1992 Pakistan was also in final in 1999 and take part in the semi-final in 2011 cricket world cup.

India is one of the famous cricket team all over the world. India was the champion in 1983 cricket world cup and also they got the trophy in 2011 world cup. India was the runner-up in 2003 cricket world cup and they lost the match against Australia at that time. In 2015 India used played a semi-final and lost against Australia.

South Africa is a giant cricket team even they are too much famous among cricket supporters. South Africa was unable to win a single world cup in spite of having some great players. South Africa was in semi-final in 1999 cricket world cup and drawn the match against Australia. In 2015 South Africa was also in the semi-final and defeated by newziland. So this team have a great chance to glory in 2019 world cup

Wills Cup Champion S.Africa

Srilanka cricket team is also favourite in 2019 cricket world cup. Srilanka was the world champion after winning the final of 1996 cricket world cup. Later on, Srilanka played final of 2 consecutive finals of 2007 and 2011 world cups. Both time they lost against Australia and India

Srilanka 1996 Wc

Newziland cricket teams are known as krewes. Newziland never won world cup but every time they played some brilliant cricket. In 1999 newziland was in the semifinal later on defeated by Pakistan. Even in 2015 newziland became the runner-up and defeated by Australia

ICC Knock Out Trophy 2000

West Indies is also taking part in this world cup as a normal team but you have to remember that west indies were the world cup champions in first world cup tournament in 1975 and 1979. They were the giants of cricket history but now they are also improving. Hope to see their results in 2019 world cup.

Bangladesh cricket team has already got some great news of ranking. Bangladesh cricket is playing 6th world cup of their history. Bangladesh played a quarterfinal in 2015 cricket world cup and they are taking part as one of the good teams in 2019 cricket world cup.

Afghanistan is a new cricket team playing their 2nd world cup. They have won the qualifier and won against the west indies. Let’s hope for the best for Afghanistan

England is the host of this 2019 cricket world cup and they are playing as favourites. England have never won world cup but they will start as one of the favourites in this world cup


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