Bangladesh cricket team has become one of the most dangerous cricket team in the world. They have started their world cup journey in 1999 and till 2015 they have played 5 world cups. After the 2003 world cup cricket Bangladesh was improving day by day and world cup by world cup. They start their journey after becoming champion of world cup qualifier in 1997. Then they started to fly for the 1999 cricket world cup.

1999 Cricket World Cup

1999 Cricket World Cup Team

Bangladesh played their first world cup in 1999. They played their first match against newziland and scored 116 runs by wasting their 10 wickets. They lost their first four matches and were totally motivated. But at that time Pakistan was flying with their great performance. Pakistan used to won 4 matches out of their all 4 matches even people thought that Pakistan will win the world cup. But Bangladesh was playing their last match against Pakistan in that world cup and amazingly Bangladesh won the match against Pakistan. Then Bangladesh was in hyper and started to improve in their all sectors. In this 2019 world cup Bangladesh can become a giant challenge for all the teams

2003 Cricket World Cup

2003 Cricket World Cup Team

2003 cricket world cup was a nightmare for Bangladesh cricket. It was the 2nd world cup of Bangladesh and they started the tournament with the new captain and some new changes in the team. but Bangladesh hardly managed to draw one match but lost all their matches in that 2003 world cup. Even Canada was a very weak team in 2003 and the new team. Bangladesh was unable to win against them because of their lack of confidence. So they end up with some bad dreams.

2007 Cricket World Cup

2007 Wolrd Cup

Bangladesh was in flight for the 2007 cricket world cup arranged by West Indies. Bangladesh was flying and was highly motivated. They played their first match against India and most easily them deafet the best Indian cricket team in the first round. Bangladesh was balling first but Indian batting collapsed after making only 192 runs.

Indian time losing moments

Bangladesh easily chased the run and won by five wickets. Later on, India was out of the world cup 2007 from the group stage and Bangladesh was in super eight. You will be happy to hear Bangladesh also won against South Africa in super eight round and finished with a good performance

2011 Cricket World Cup


Bangladesh, India and Srilanka were the hosts of 2011 world cup. Bangladesh started with some good performance but was unable to reach in the quarter-final of the world cup 2011. Bangladesh used to played 6matches in that world cup and won 3 matches but unable to reach the quarter-final. Bangladesh ended the world cup with middle range performance but their team was not happy though.

2015 Cricket World Cup


Bangladesh started their world cup in 2015 with some great performance. Because of rain, they were able to get points from Australia and the match was tied. Bangladesh lost only 2 matches in that world cup. They won 3 matches and tied one. Even the last match of the group against England was totally surprising. Bangladesh had to win that match to qualify for the quarter-final. Even they won the match against England and reached quarter-final to play against India. England was out of the tournament and Bangladesh then lost the quarterfinal match against India in 2015 world cup.

So these were the 5 cricket world cups of Bangladesh. Every time Bangladesh played with different captains. Every time Bangladesh played with great teams and players. Recently Bangladesh won the ODI series against India, West India, Pakistan, newziland, Zimbabwe and southern Africa. So this 2019 cricket world cup may be a great one for Bangladesh.


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